Folder Alternatives To The Military

Materials for providing alternative solutions to joining the military including a section of documents outlining available options to a non-military future for young people by state.


Folder Alternatives by State


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pdf ALGUNOS EJEMPLOS DE CARRERAS PACIFISTAS Y CAMBIO SOCIAL (9649 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 82 KB)
default Alternatives to Military Service by State (2285 downloads) Popular Download
default AmeriCorps (4472 downloads) Popular Download
default California program (6405 downloads) Popular Download
pdf Careers in Peacemaking and Social Change (10559 downloads) Popular Download
document Financial Aid Brochure (1953 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 44 KB)
document Financial Aid List - California and national (9809 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 49 KB)
pdf Great Careers 5th Edition June 2009 2 (10511 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 488 KB)
pdf Higher Education: A Resource Guide to Southern California (5501 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 239 KB)
pdf Options for Life after High School (New York) (8040 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 86 KB)
pdf Promising Practices For Helping Low-Income Youth Obtain and Retain Jobs: A Guide for Practitioners (5771 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.26 MB)


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