Washington Truth in Recruiting

City: Seattle
Zipcode: 98122
Organizational Website : Washington Truth in Recruiting
Organizational Blog: Washington Truth in Recruiting
Scope of organization:
  • Regional
This organization is a:
  • Organization with Counter-recruitment as a major component
Organization base:
  • Nonstudent community based
Other Outreach: Educators, school career counselors, school board members, parent-teacher organizations
Issues you are working on:
  • ASVAB testing in schools
  • Conscientious objection
  • Developing Curricula/Educational Materials
  • Equal school access for counter-recruitment
  • General counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment youth education
  • High school JROTC
  • Limiting recruiter access to schools
  • NCLB recruiting list opt-out
  • Pentagon Database (JAMRS)
  • Providing counter-recruitment organizer training
  • Recruiting vans/mobile exhibits
  • School board policies and accountability monitoring
Years in Operation: 11-20 years
Summary describing your organization:: Washington Truth in Recruiting is an IRS section 501c3 charitable and educational nonprofit, incorporated in the state of Washington to inform and educate students, parents and citizens. Mission Statement: Providing objective information on military recruiting, war, and the militarization of our schools.
Contact Person: Kathy Barker
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