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Life Under OccupationROTC directly benefits a foreign policy that is imperialistic and advocates preemptive war.

Choosing to have ROTC on campus is not a politically neutral choice. It is a choice which supports the current aggressive foreign policy. The pre emptive policy is not limited to Iraq; it will be extended elsewhere.

A campaign to end ROTC is not an attack on students in the ROTC program. They may join the military after graduation or attend West Point if that is their goal. They need not pursue officer training at a non military academy. The students may choose to form a club of individuals interested in the military, but there need not be an institutionally sponsored ROTC program.

NNOMY Reader

 Learning the Issues about Youth Demilitarization

NNOMY ReaderThe NNOMY Reader is a useful primer to learn about the realities of military recruitment, the militarism effecting our youth in schools and our opportunities for peaceful coexistance. This collection of articles represents a historical overview of the U.S. based counter-recruitment movement's strategies to inform and intervene in schools and the community about the Pentagon's multi-billion dollar programs to recruit America's youth into escalating wars. The NNOMY Reader also includes some information on alternatives to enlistment, as well as research presented by activists and investigators on the nature and risks of cultural militarization and how it  threatens our democracy. Learn more