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 Militarization of our Schools

The Pentagon is taking over our poorer public schools. This is the reality for disadvantaged youth.


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Corporate/conservative alliances threaten Democracy . Progressives have an important role to play.

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Portland high schools set to permit anti-war protesters to recruit students alongside the military

23 October 2011- Oregonian
Betsy Hammond -
Portland Counter-recruiters win equal access

The Portland school board is set to adopt a rule Monday to give "counter-recruiters" skeptical about the value of joining the military the same access to high school students that military recruiters enjoy under federal law.

Instead of standing out on the school sidewalk waving signs and offering fliers, as they have done regularly outside Portland high schools, anti-war activists will be able to staff recruiting tables and hand out pamphlets in the school career center or cafeteria, just like military recruiters in uniform.

"What we want is a balanced account of military service," said school board member Matt Morton, one of at least four board members lined up behind the new rule. "What's key is giving them all the information they need to make good decisions."

War Resisters Inject Truth Into Military Recruitment

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Eleanor J. Bader -

The setting changes but the scene does not: Men and women in crisply pressed uniforms enter public high schools across the country and cajole the teenagers they meet into signing on the dotted line to serve Uncle Sam.

Thanks to Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, recruiters from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy have the same access to secondary school students as college recruiters or potential employers. This, in concert with mandatory Selective Service registration for all 18-year-old males and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery [ASVAB] exam that is given to nearly three-quarters of a million high school juniors and seniors each year, has prompted many domestic peace activists to organize opposition to the militarization of youth. They advocate "truth-in-recruiting," arguing that lofty promises made at the time of enlistment -- extensive travel, scholarships or an easy route to U.S. citizenship -- often fail to materialize once service begins.


For Immediate Release August 21, 2005

Contact: David Meieran, 412-996-4986 Nathan Shaffer, 412-720-9276

PITTSBURGH POLICE ATTACK NON-VIOLENT PROTESTORS WITH TASERS, PEPPER SPRAY AND K-9 UNITS Counter-Recruitment Demonstration Ends in Five Arrests and Two Hospitalizations

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Police Department displayed an excessive use of force at a demonstration yesterday outside a military recruitment station located near the University of Pittsburgh. Five were arrested, two were hospitalized and several others received injuries as a result of police unwarranted use of Tasers, pepper spray, retracting batons and K-9 units. Two others were issued citations when they complained about police misconduct.

Yesterday's protest marks the first time in the city's history that police used Tasers on demonstrators. Dramatic Indymedia video shows police dragging a young woman off the sidewalk and Tasering her mercilessly as she lay on the street screaming—and this after she was pepper-sprayed directly in the face. The video clearly demonstrates that she posed no threat to the police or anyone else when she was Tasered, marking a clear violation of the city's official guidelines for the use of these controversial weapons. The activist was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment and remains in police custody.

Police also used K-9 units to chase away protestors on the sidewalk. A 68-year old grandmother was bitten from behind by a police dog and then arrested and placed in an unventilated police van in the hot sun where she remained for 45 minutes before she, too, was finally taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

In addition, police pepper sprayed a four year-old girl, toppled a man with Multiple Sclerosis in his motorized wheel chair and clubbed a number of protestors with retracting metal batons.

At the time of the police attacks activists were peacefully assembled on the sidewalk in front of the recruiting station, which had opted to remain closed for the day in response to yesterday's call for non-violent direct action by Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG). It marked the second time this month that POG had pre-emptively shut down military recruitment at that station, which is the headquarters for military recruitment in the city. (For more information Pittsburgh Organizing Group's counter-recruitment campaign, visit .)

POG is alarmed by yesterday's events. In the past two years, more than 150 people have been killed by Tasers. Amnesty International, the ACLU and other groups have called for a moratorium on their use. In response to a public outcry to police abuse of Tasers, a number of cities have imposed restrictions on Taser use, cancelled orders or pulled them from circulation. The manufacturer, Taser International, is facing multiple lawsuits.

POG is demanding an official investigation into the police conduct at yesterday's demonstration and an immediate halt to the use of Tasers by the Pittsburgh Police Department. Copies of video documentation of yesterday's police abuses can be obtained by calling David or Nathan at the numbers listed above or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Two Catholic antiwar activists were arrested this Sunday at the Lakewood Military Recruiting Center.

Thirty activists gathered around noon at the Lakewood Military Recruiting Center, to protest the war and discourage potential recruits from joining the military.

While some read the names of those killed in the Iraq war, others gathered signatures that will be sent to Senators DeWine and Voinovich, asking them to bring the troops home.

Joe Mueller and Chris Knestrich took things a bit farther, and committed an act of civil disobedience. They entered the unlocked front door of the building, and knelt down inside to pray. After some time, three police officers showed up and asked them several times to leave. When they refused, both Joe and Chris were arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

When the vigil was over, twenty-four of the protesters went to the Lakewood Police Station, to show solidarity with them, and pray for them.

Joe Mueller and Chris Knestrich were later released on $124 bond each.

Photos Copyright-Adam Woznicki

Some opt out of military options

11/4/2006 - USA TODAY

Judy Keen -

Kareem Miller, 17, left, greets fellow senior Kristofer Ozga, 17, as they pass each other between classes at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Ill. LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Brian Berman, a senior at Stevenson High School, doesn't want to join the military, doesn't want calls from recruiters, doesn't want them at his door.

So his parents signed a form that prevents the school from giving his contact information to recruiters. A provision of the No Child Left Behind law requires high schools to share students' names, phone numbers and addresses with military recruiters unless students or their parents choose to opt out.

Recruiters still come to school, he says, and "try to act all friendly." Berman, 18, doesn't buy their pitches about career and educational opportunities. "It's ridiculous," he says. "They're trying to bribe you to enlist."

Pentagon officials say recruiters just want the same information that goes to colleges and companies to make career pitches to students.

If Berman's parents had not signed the form, the school would be required to share his contact information with military recruiters under the 2001 law.

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