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You are part of the national network of peace groups working to stop the militarization of schools
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Coming Soon: A review of and resources from the NNOMY Strategy Summit

that took place this last June 22nd and 23rd at the Cenacle Retreat &

Conference Center in Chicago. We will be sharing photos, audio and video clips

and a summary of the information they came out of this summit meeting.


Greetings from the NNOMY Office




 Gary Ghirardi, Selene Rivas, and Fabiola Cardozo are the NNOMY staff


Welcome to the first installment of our bi-monthly newsletter!

You are receiving this because in the past you registered to the 

National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY).

We are a network of organizations that do activist work countering

the militarization of youth in our schools.


Every two weeks, we hope to send you a curated report on the latest

news regarding the militarization of youth and culture. We'll also

be including:


 1. episodes of our monthly interview podcast show, where we talk to 

activists and people doing social justice work about their experience

doing activism, and share ideas of how we can improve

our own practice for the future.


2. links to our monthly video essays, where we do a deep dive and

explore the different ways militarism and militarization affect our society.


3. the latest tools developed at NNOMY for helping activists work

against the militarization of youth. Shareable social media images

and videos, our different information kits, and others, it is our aim

as a network to connect activists and organizations together, giving

them tools to achieve our common goal!


This is the office that’s here to support you, and we hope to hear

back from you. We plan to contact you soon, see how your activism

is going, and figure out how we become the most useful to your

efforts! Let's keep working together to stop war where it begins!


Feel free to call us if you have a question or just to say

hello at 443.671.7111 between 9am and 4pm PST Monday though Friday.


Militarization Digest




It Is the Young People Who Will Free Us


From Gary: The connections between the military, police,

and paramiitarism and our struggles to maintain and 

build peaceful futures for ourselves and our families

are becoming increasingly clear. - Read More



Recruiting commander seeks to bridge

civilian-military divide


From Selene: This is a clear statement of the future of

recruitment. We need a deeper social media engagement

because that's where the military's going to start

operating, more and more. - Read More


Bring the War Home: A Timely Investigation

of the White Power Movement


From Gary:  The influences of conservative politics

in our nation has fostered the reactionary tendencies

in U.S. society.- Read More



Military steps up recruitment as summer

‘surge’ starts


From Selene: It's important for us to understand what

we're up against; what are the different recruitment goals for

each branch of the military? - Read More



The Pentagon Looks to Videogames for

the Future of War


From Gary: Counter-recruiters need to be aware of the

escalating collaboration between the video game industry

and the Pentagon recruitment efforts.  - Read More



Nutrition is a matter of national security

as Orlando military recruiters say obesity

rates are on the rise


From Selene: Obesity is one of the reasons why the US is

having a recruitment crisis. We must see how that will

affect militarization efforts in the future, and what that

means for our own activism.  - Read More


Our Work



What is it like to do counter-recruitment? What are some challenges that

counter-recruitment activists face? These are some of the topics we

explore with activist Libby Frank, from the Northwest Suburban Peace

& Education Project in a new episode of our interview podcast series.

Listen Now


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Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action






This Week's Action




 Please share the above graphic on your Facebook page with the following text:


Thinking the military is the only way to discover yourself?

Think Again. Think about taking a volunteer year and learn about your world..


Taking a year to volunteer abroad or in your own community or country is an

important way to broaden your understanding of the world and how you want to

contribute to it. These positions establish relationships that can last a

lifetime and often offer you a direction for your working life. Consider

that by building your future outside the military you will not risk harm to

yourself and others. Find out more below:







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