National Directory of Youth Demilitarization Groups

Listings in the National Directory of Youth Demilitarization Groups provide essential information about national and regional organizations that have youth demilitarization activism as a focus area of their work and services. This is a resource that covers issues such as the scope of the organization, organizational base, and focus issues as well as a description of the organizational mission. The database provides access to Counter-recruitment activists nationally and locally and helps youth find the information to make informed choices about their futures.

Please list your organization with NNOMY. Two ways to submit: 1. First sign into your Google account and fill-out our Google submission form * and submit or 2. download, fill out, and rename the "YourName_NDYDG Org Submission" PDF & email it to Put the file name in the subject of the email and send to notify us!

NOTE: If a group listed is not currently maintaining an active counter-recruitment project, you can still contact them for a referral to another group active in your region or to a national group who can address your inquiry. You can also contact NNOMY at and make your inquiry with this national networking body.

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