City: San Francisco
Zipcode: 94110
Organizational Website :
Scope of organization:
  • National
  • Internet based
This organization is a:
  • Counter-recruitment Organization
Organization base:
  • Virtual online community based
Other Outreach: Draft registration resisters and supporters of all ages
Issues you are working on:
  • Conscientious objection
Years in Operation: More than 20 years
Summary describing your organization:: Provides information, education, speakers, and training about the draft ("Selective Service"), draft registration, draft resistance, the medical draft ("Health Care Personnel Delivery System"), and compulsory "national service", for men and/or women. Suports, encourages, and advocates continued and heightened resistance to the current ongoing draft registration, and to any military draft. Encourages awareness of draft registration and contingency planning for a draft by counter-militarism organizers, counselors, and outreach workers and by people and communities potentially subject to the draft (especially health care workers and young people, incluidng women and men).
Contact Person: Edward Hasbrouck
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