GI Rights Hotline and Quaker House

Address : 223 Hillside Avenue
City: Fayetteville
Zipcode: 28301
Phone: (910) 323-3912 G.I. Rights Hotline 1-877-447-4487
Organizational Website :
Organizational Blog:
Instagram: #quakerhouse
Twitter: @girights
YouTube: QuakerSpeak
Scope of organization:
  • International
  • National
This organization is a:
  • Offers Military Counseling
Organization base:
  • Nonstudent community based
Other Outreach: G.I. Rights counseling information and conscientious objector support information
Years in Operation: More than 20 years
Summary describing your organization:: The GI Rights Network is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that answers thousands of calls from military personnel and their families. There are many reasons for these calls. You can call us for help with any of the following issues: DEP Discharges (Delayed Entry Program) Entry Level Separation Dependency or Hardship Discharges Medical or Disability Discharges ODPMC or Psychological Discharges Conscientious Objection Discharges Homosexual Conduct Discharges Reservist Unsatisfactory Participation AWOL or UA Reservist Mobilization Article 138 Complaints Harassment or Discrimination
Contact Person: Kindra Bradley, Lenore Yarger and Steve Woolford
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