ACLU of Southern California

Address : 1313 W 8th St
City: Los Angeles
Zipcode: 90017-4420
Phone: (213) 277-9500
Organizational Website :
Facebook: @ACLU.SoCal
Twitter: @ACLU_SoCal
Scope of organization:
  • National
  • Regional
This organization is a:
  • Counter-recruitment project of a larger, multi-issue organization
Organization base:
  • Nonstudent community based
Outreach to specific communities:
  • African American
  • Asian
  • Arab
  • Educators
  • Faith Based
  • Immigrant
  • Latino/a
  • Native American
  • Pacific Islander
  • Veteran and Active Military
  • Women
Issues you are working on:
  • Alternatives to the military
  • ASVAB testing in schools
  • General counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment youth education
  • High school JROTC
  • NCLB recruiting list opt-out
Years in Operation: More than 20 years
Summary describing your organization:: Need assistance with a military recruitment or student free speech issue? Contact the ACLU of Southern California: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defends the fundamental rights outlined in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These include the right to freedom of speech and assembly, the right to religious freedom, due process of law, equality before the law and the right to privacy. The ACLU also relies on state constitutional provisions and federal and state laws that further these and similar rights.
Contact Person: Hector Villagra - Executive Director, ACLU of Southern California
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