pdf "Getting Out of the Delayed Entry/Future Soldier Program" Separation Letter Popular

By In Delayed Entry Program 1640 downloads

Download (pdf, 3.50 MB)


"Getting Out of the Delayed Entry/Future Soldier Program" Separation Letter


Make copies of the letter for yourself.  When mailing the letter, go to the post office and have them attach to the envelope a “Domestic Return Receipt” so that you will receive a signed record that your letter was received.  Now you have legal documentation that your letter was received by the military command

If you have any questions about the regulation or military law, consult with a GI Rights counselor:  The number for the national GI Rights Hotline is 877-447-4487.  Or study the appropriate regulations at: https://girightshotline.org/en/military-knowledge-base/delayed-entry-program-discharge-dep-discharge/.  On that page, find the service you signed up for on the “Delayed Entry Program (DEP)” line. 

pdf "My Education for Peace" Community Popular

By In General Counter-recruitment information Tagged in counter-recruitment 1347 downloads

Download (pdf, 453 KB)


The "My Education for Peace" document is available for printing and distribution to encourage public knowledge of this campaign for students and educators who support a peace framework in their beliefs and to form a community of networking and support.


pdf "SPN Make the Right Choice" Brochure Popular

By In Parents 10096 downloads

Download (pdf, 496 KB)


SPN BrochureOpt-out and equal access brochure from the SafePassageNetwork.org, devoted to truth-in- military-recruiting, on behalf of our youngest generation, K-12, their parents, teachers, grandparents, guardians, clergy and others concerned with their safety and well-being.

default "Worth Fighting For" by Rory Fanning

By In Video Reports 88 downloads

Pat Tillman's death by friendly fire was covered up just days before his comrade Rory Fanning—who served in the same unit as Tillman—left the Army Rangers as a conscientious objector. Disquieted by his tours in Afghanistan, Fanning sets out to honor Tillman's legacy by crossing the United States on foot.

Told with page-turning style, humor, and warmth, Worth Fighting For explores the emotional and social consequences of rejecting the mission of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. It is only through the generous, and colorful people Fanning meets and the history he discovers that he learns to live again.


default 2020 JROTC Textbook Review Report Popular

By In Reports Tagged in jrotc, textbooks 538 downloads

2020 JROTC Textbook Review Report

In recent years, the military and its supporters have been promoting the idea of a substantial increase in the number of high schools with JROTC—up to 6,000 in one proposal. In the context of this possible expansion of the program, Project YANO felt it was time to take a look at textbooks that are currently being used in JROTC classes. To accomplish this, a team of 15 volunteer reviewers was recruited. The reviewers have backgrounds in either classroom teaching or education activism, or special knowledge of subjects that JROTC claims to address in its curriculum (examples are U.S. and world history, geography, civil rights, violence prevention, sexual assault, leadership methods, etc.). The team included current and retired high school teachers, a documentary film producer, military veterans, and several educators with PhD credentials.

The bulk of this report consists of a compilation of selected excerpts from Army, Navy and Marine Corps JROTC textbooks, along with reviewer comments. Eleven textbooks were reviewed, three of which were being used by the Army in digital format for remote instruction during the pandemic-affected 2020-2021 school year.

default 4 Steps to Liberation: Paulo Freire and Pedagogy of the Oppressed Popular

By In Peace Pill 677 downloads


By In Demilitarization Tagged in counter-recruitment, draft-registration, Ed-Code-69400, Ed-Code-69433.9, Ed-Code-69618.1, financial-aid, selective-service 276 downloads

Download (pdf, 88 KB)

Call to repeal law on SSS registration and Calif financial aid_4.pdf

default A guide to working with School Boards Popular

By In School Board Policies 9304 downloads

The people who constitute your school board are volunteers, unpaid and with varying degrees of ability and education. In some districts they are often there out of sheer frustration with the previous board. At some point members concluded the only way needed changes would be implemented was by running for office and being elected. In major metropolitan areas, political power is a strong consideration. In a few districts, widespread corruption as well as fraudulent use and theft of taxpayers money has been documented.

default A Soldiers Life Popular

By In Video Reports 5442 downloads

A Soldiers Life

This website and video are made for high school students to discourage them from enlisting in the military. All of the production staff who created the 10-minute video are students, ranging from middle school to college. The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice and Veterans for Peace co-created the video with professional photographer and CCPJ Board member Richard Lord. Please feel free to share this with young people and their families.  It is hard to know what the coming years will hold in terms of war and peace; if we can save even one young person from being traumatized emotionally, physically, sexually or socially, then we are doing our job correctly.


default A Young People’s History of the United States | Zinn Education Project Popular

By In Curricula/Classroom Resources 1154 downloads

In paperback with illustrations, this is the young adult edition of Howard Zinn’s classic telling of American history. A Young People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn with Rebecca Stefoff brings to U.S. history the viewpoints of workers, people who are enslaved, immigrants, women, Native Americans, and others whose stories, and their impact, are rarely included in books for young people. Kindle | Audiobook

pdf Activist Tool Kit Popular

By In Toolkits/guides 4623 downloads

Download (pdf, 67 KB)


pdfAcross the nation, students and activists are taking action,saying NO to increased militarization of our schools.Peace!
We hope you will find this Activist Toolkit to be a useful tool for those devoted to demilitarizing our schools and educating students and parents on how to keep student contact information out of the hands of military recruiters. In this Activist Toolkit, you will find the following information to help you plan an exciting and successful action:

default ADDICTED To WAR Popular

By In Magazines/Comic books/Zines Tagged in antiwarcomix, ArtAgainstWar, militarism 8501 downloads

"I highly recommend [Addicted to War] to anyone who is interested in learning the truth about US wars."—Glenn Greenwald, author of No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA and The U.S. Surveillance State
"This is the most important comic book ever written. . . . It is my hope that you read this book and pass it along to as many people as you can."—Woody Harrelson, actor
Updates include Barack Obama's drone wars, Chelsea Manning and wikileaks, statistics on military spending;,and the ongoing costs and consequences of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Joel Andreas teaches sociology at Johns Hopkins University.

default Addicted to War: Who's Who Popular

By In Video Reports 3821 downloads

Addicted to War: Who's Who

ATW1A short trailer that chronicles the history of the book 'Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism. Introduces the author, publisher and other key persons who've brought Addicted to War back from obscurity.

default Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism Popular

By In Video Reports 3661 downloads

atw-why?Visit Arlington West Santa Monica for more information. Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't kick Militarism. An illustrated expose by Joel Andreas. Also of interest Arlington West

pdf Adopt A School Kit Popular

By In Toolkits/guides 12299 downloads

aaskOperation Student Privacy
• To inform students and parents regarding their privacy rights in relation to military recruiters
Operation Informed Decision
• To provide information and education about the military, equal access, alternatives to the
military resources and programming.

Image Advice from Veterans on Military Service and Recruiting Practices: A Resource Guide for Young People Popular

By In Recruiter methods manuals/regulations 6628 downloads

Advice from Veterans on Military Service and Recruiting Practices: A Resource Guide for Young People

Veterans Education and OutreachVFP Chapter 56's Veterans Education and Outreach Project (VEOP) works to counter the aggressive military recruitment that takes place in schools and to educate the public about the realities of war.

In September 2007 VEOP published Advice from Veterans on Military Service and Recruiting Practices: A Resource Guide for Young People Considering Enlistment, an excellent resource for parents and teachers, as well as for young people considering military service. To obtain a copy in print, contact VFP-56. The PDF version may be downloaded immediately

Source: VETERANS FOR PEACE: Humboldt Bay Chapter 56

default Afghanistan And The U. S.| Internet Archive Popular

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A teachers peace curriculum for teaching about the wars in Afghanistan

pdf Afghanistan and the U.S. Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.72 MB)

Afghanistan and the U.S. (1)(1).pdf

Afghanistan and the U.S.

Background and Resources for Students - As the busy school year begins, many of us are thinking of how we can include the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9-11 in our curriculum. Memorial events will be held all over the country and be widely covered in the news this weekend. Attached you will find a brochure on Afghanistan, and a ready-made curriculum worksheet for students as they watch the webinar:


 The curriculum was designed for high school students, but can be adapted.


It is our hope that young people across the country are exposed to, and part of the conversation about 9-11, its causes, its aftermath and a vision of where we go from here. 

TEACHERS and STUDENTS: There is also a Downloadable Student Worksheet Available for this resource on Google Docs

default Aimee Allison on military counter-recruiting Popular

By In Video Reports 5067 downloads

aaimeAimee Allison, veteran, conscientious objector and counter-recruiter, was a featured speaker at the national counter-recruitment confernece held at UCAL/Berkeley, October 22, 2005. It was jointly sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) and MOOS

pdf Alabama Military Alternatives Popular

By In Alternatives by State 8784 downloads

Download (pdf, 181 KB)


Alabama military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

pdf Alaska Military Alternatives Popular

By In Alternatives by State 5345 downloads

Download (pdf, 190 KB)


Alaska military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.


By In Alternatives To The Military 9649 downloads

Download (pdf, 82 KB)


Examples in Peace Making

Un trabajo pacifista es cualquier trabajo que no hace daño a otras personas y fomenta la cooperación y construcción de una sociedad justa.

default Alternatives to Enlistment - Center on Conscience & War Popular

By In Alternatives by State 5791 downloads

List of Alternatives to recruitment from the Center on Conscience & War by state including resources from commercial sites, educational sites, financing college, apprenticeships, religious & non-profit organizations and a huge variety of positions around the country.

default Alternatives to Military Service by State Popular

By In Alternatives To The Military 4267 downloads

This Jobs & Job Training Guide is intended to provide alternatives to military service for youth in the United States and its territories who may be considering a career in the United States Armed Forces. There are thousands of links in these documents that will hook you up with thousands of job, training, and educational opportunities near your home, across the country or around the world. The U.S. government and each State Government have programs that can assist you in figuring out what to do with your life. There are many free job-search sites and opportunities with non-profit and faith-based organizations. Spend a few hours clicking around and use the free search engines . In the process, you're likely to find something that is truly exciting. You don't have to join the military.

default Amazing Opt Out Resolution! Popular

By In Opt Out 358 downloads

In the spring of 2003, students at Santa Cruz High School initiated the first Truth & Privacy campaign, with regard to military recruitment in Santa Cruz City School. This campaign established an opt-in policy with respect to military recruitment – so that under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, student contact information was not sent out to military recruiters without parental consent. In the summer of 2003, there was a federal challenge to our opt-in policy, leading to the initiation of a second Truth & Privacy campaign - moving away from opt-in and establishing of a strong opt-out policy.

default American Friends Service Committee Popular

By In Trainings/Trainers 4881 downloads

AFSC LogoCounter-recruitment is what community members and activists call their efforts to dispel myths about the realities of military service and refute false information provided by military recruiters or advertising. Sometimes counter-recruiters are able to work in schools - alongside military recruiters - but most work in community groups or in public spaces due to lack of access to schools.

pdf AmeriCorps Popular

By In Alternatives To The Military 6807 downloads

AmeriCorpsBegun in 1994, the AmeriCorps programs provide opportunities for Americans to make an intensive commitment to service. The AmeriCorps network of local, state, and national service programs engages more than 70,000 Americans in intensive service each year.

AmeriCorps members serve through more than 3,000 nonprofits, public agencies,and faith-based and other community organizations, helping meet critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment. The variety of service opportunities is almost unlimited. Members may tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, run after-school programs, or help communities respond to disasters.

PDF Reports available by state and region.

default Anders Breivik, videogames and the militarisation of society Popular

By In Violent Video Games 5301 downloads

The boundary between the military and everyday life is being eroded by videogames. The ongoing trial of Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Breivik has generated a great deal of media coverage, public debate and analysis.

Much of this has focused on claims made by Breivik that he used the “military shooter” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to prepare for his attacks.

Critics of games and gaming very quickly pounced on his assertion to claim this was evidence of a causal link between game-playing and committing acts of violence.

default Antes de Alistarte Popular

By In Video Reports 4108 downloads

ADAAntes de Alistarte! es un conoce el contrapunto racional a las practicas de reclutamiento atractivas y enganosas que a menudo son usadas por reclutadores militares de EEUU. - 2016 revision

default Anti-War & Pro-Peace Resources Database Popular

By In Toolkits/guides Tagged in counter-recruitment, demilitarization, guides, peace-database 558 downloads

Anti-War & Pro-Peace Resources Database

We’ve compiled this database of useful resources of our own and links to those found elsewhere, and created this system to help you find them. Are you looking for tools for creating events, or for information on a particular topic? Make your choice(s) under Topics below. Are you wanting to find videos, or books, or flyers, or articles, or ... choose the Type(s) of resources you want below. And if you only want results in a particular language, make that choice too. Let us know how you like this new system!


By In Art Against War 3867 downloads


Anti War MedalThe War in Iraq has ended (or has it?) and are we any safer? The costly occupation of Iraq has yet to bring democracy to its people or security to the U.S. The War has fueled hatred of the US around the world and weakened alliances built up over decades. Artists have a long history of reflecting on the events surrounding them. We feel that this is one of those times.

135 artists from 16 countries have created medals that reflect the terrible waste of this war. Medals commemorate heroes and battles but also Grief, Destruction, Terror, Greed, Hypocrisy, Arrogance and Loss. This war is remembered by artists from around the world with small but powerful objects that remind us the risks of unchecked power.

default Archived: Not Your Soldier Action Camps Popular

By In Trainings/Trainers 7547 downloads

Not Your SoldierNot Your Soldier Action Camps bring together young people who are heavily targeted by military recruitment. At the camps, youth learn how to take action to fight military recruitment, the poverty draft, and the corporations that profit off of war.

Revised 10/13/2017

pdf Arizona Military Alternatives Popular

By In Alternatives by State 5587 downloads

Download (pdf, 175 KB)


Arizona military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

pdf Arkansas Military Alternatives Popular

By In Alternatives by State 5536 downloads

Download (pdf, 179 KB)


Arkansas military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

default Arlington West Popular

By In Video Reports 3243 downloads

Arlington West Film

ARLINGTON WEST is a 74-minute Art Film presenting "temporary cemeteries"in the sand, erected every Sunday by the Veterans For Peace in Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Oceanside, and Huntington Beach.  Flag draped coffins and over 5,500 wooden crosses, affectionately placed, invites the public to honor the unacknowledged fallen U.S. soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan, for us to lament the cost of the war.

Watch the ARLINGTON WEST Trailer 3:16 minutes

default Arlington West (Archived) Popular

By In Documentaries/Films 10834 downloads

Arlington West CoverThis is a must see film that will move most people to tears, whether they are peace activists, people who may have supported the war in Iraq or people who have been undecided. It features 105 interviews, mostly with young soldiers who have been to Iraq, who talk about their experiences there. – 74 minutes -   Order from AMAZON

pdf Armed Services Military Personnel Accession Testing Programs, 17 October 2005 Popular

By In ASVAB Testing 6540 downloads

Download (pdf, 110 KB)

Armed Services Military Personnel Accession Testing Programs.pdf

This Armed Services regulation includes: Dept. of Army Reg. 601-22; Dept. of the Navy, OPNAVINST 1100.5; Dept. of the Air Force, AF JI 36-2016; The U.S. Marine Corps MCP 1130-52E; and The U.S. Coast Guard, CG COMDTINST M-1130-24A.  It's all here!

pdf Army Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 7-2007 Popular

By In JROTC 7506 downloads

Download (pdf, 5.64 MB)


JROTC Organization, Administration, Operation, Training and Support

pdf Army JROTC Instructor Certification Packet 5-2005 Popular

By In JROTC 13589 downloads

Download (pdf, 420 KB)


pdf Army National Convention Program, 1/27/84 (Archived) Popular

By In General Recruiting 3004 downloads

National Convention Program
1 . P U R P O S E . This regulation establishes the policy , responsibilities, and procedures governing the US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) National Convention Program.
2 . SCOP E . This regulation is applicable to all elements of this Command and to both the Regular Army (RA) and the US Army Reserve (USAR) recruiting effort.
3. POLICY. It is the policy of this Command to conduct effective sales promotion programs that sup- port the Army recruiting mission. The National Convention/Exhibit Program is a sales promotion acti- vity that can, with proper emphasis, appreciably enhance the recruiting effort. USAREC participation in civilian sponsored conventions/exhibitions provides our recruiting managers a dynamic forum and unique opportunity to meet , in a concentrated period of time , key decision makers , centers of influence (COI), opinion leaders, and prospects. - pdf


By In Art Against War 5206 downloads


War ChildWar Child continues to use the enormous support it receives from the media, music and entertainment industries to raise, not only much needed funds, but also public awareness of the daily struggle for survival facing children in war zones.

Music Artists are a vital part of our work. They help improve the lives of war-affected children by generating awareness and raising vital funds. Most importantly, they demonstrate how it is possible for each and every person to make a difference.

default Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965–1975 Popular

By In Art Against War 126 downloads

Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965–1975

Smithsonian - By the late 1960s, the United States was in pitched conflict both in Vietnam, against a foreign power, and at home—between Americans for and against the war, for and against the status quo. Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965–1975 presents art created amid this turmoil, spanning the period from President Lyndon B. Johnson’s fateful decision to deploy U.S. ground troops to South Vietnam in 1965 to the fall of Sài Gòn ten years later.

Artists Respond is the most comprehensive exhibition to examine the contemporary impact of the Vietnam War on American art. The exhibition is unprecedented in its historical scale and depth. It brings together nearly 100 works by fifty-eight of the most visionary and provocative artists of the period. Galvanized by the moral urgency of the Vietnam War, these artists reimagined the goals and uses of art, affecting developments in multiple movements and media: painting, sculpture, printmaking, performance, installation, documentary art, and conceptualism. This exhibition presents both well-known and rarely discussed works, and offers an expanded view of American art during the war, introducing a diversity of previously marginalized artistic voices, including women, African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans. The exhibition makes vivid an era in which artists endeavored to respond to the turbulent times and openly questioned issues central to American civic life.

pdf ASVAB Answer Sheet Popular

By In ASVAB Testing 6837 downloads

Download (pdf, 4.12 MB)

ASVAB Privacy Act statement.pdf

This three-page ASVAB form, (DD Forrm 1304-5AS is in use in most of the nation's high schools.  The Privacy Act Statement requires students to relinquish their personal information.  The answer sheet indicates where students must fill in their social security numbers.

pdf ASVAB Counselor Manual Popular

By In ASVAB Testing 8313 downloads

Download (pdf, 539 KB)


This manual is offered by the military to high school counselors. It contains, among other things, the hard-to-find information about recruiter release options. It does not, however, explain exactly how to exercise those options in the outline of steps to take when scheduling the ASVAB at a school.

pdf ASVAB Memo, NLG Los Angeles Popular

By In ASVAB 5224 downloads

Download (pdf, 198 KB)


pdf ASVAB Regulations Popular

By In ASVAB 5261 downloads

USMEPCOM Regulation 601-4, November 13, 2006
Personnel Procurement
Student Testing Program

pdf ASVAB Student Test Record - USMEPCOM Form 601-4-3-R-E Popular

By In ASVAB Testing 7489 downloads

Download (pdf, 413 KB)

ASVAB - Student Test Record.pdf

This form is used by ASVAB test proctors to record data regarding the administration of the ASVAB.  It is not filled out by school personnel. Notice there's a column for information pertaining to the proctor and the "Responsible Recruiter," as well as a section to indicate the recruiter release option. In practice, if a school has not communicated a chosen option, it will be option 1 by default.  The form also provides a category for reporting whether the test is mandatory for students in selected grades. USMEPCOM Regulation 601.4 states that DOD personnel are prohibited from suggesting to school officials that the test be made mandatory.

pdf ASVAB Test Request Form Popular

By In ASVAB Testing 6394 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.35 MB)


Unofficial forms like this are created by individual Military Entrance Processing Stations to gather test scheduling information from local schools. Military regulations do not refer to any such form or require that such a form be used; consequently, they are not used in every region and can differ in content. For example, compare this ASVAB Test Request Form to one that was presented to Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland (list separately in this document section). This form allows school officials to select Option 8, which precludes ASVAB test results from reaching military recruiters, but the list of options on the Prince George's County form did NOT include Option 8!

pdf ASVAB: Spin v. Facts Popular

By In ASVAB 4705 downloads

Download (pdf, 75 KB)

ASVAB Spin v. Facts.pdf

This is a remarkbale, brief analysis of the ASVAB done by the "Learning Not Recruiting" group in Toledo, Ohio.

audio Audio from May 14th War Resisters event in Watsonville Popular

By In Audio Reports 5677 downloads

Iraq combat veterans, Agustin Aguayo and Camilo Mejia, were joined by fellow war resisters Pablo Paredes and Robert Zabala at a series of Northern California events May 9-18. One of the stops included Watsonville where the 4 men spoke in local high school class rooms and on local station KUSP 88.9 FM in the morning and at the First Presbyterian Church that evening. Read more

pdf Austin Equal Access Directive Popular

By In School Board Policies 11963 downloads

Download (pdf, 379 KB)


pdf automatic registration in the united states: the selective service example Popular

By In Draft Tagged in draft-registration, Selectiveservice 146 downloads

Download (pdf, 395 KB)


automatic registration  in the united states:  the selective service  example

For decades, federal law required men to register with the Selective Service when they turn 18 and to keep their registrations current through the age of 25. Enforceable law helped encourage registration; so did the agency’s efforts to make registration materials available in post offices, schools, and other public places.

In 2009, however, the Selective Service System has taken a more pro-active role in registration and has deployed a range of technological resources that make registration easier and more efficient. Automatic registration programs and data-sharing arrangements with other government agencies— including state departments of motor vehicles, Education, and the Department of Labor’s Job Corps Program— significantly help the Selective Service to register members of the target population and to keep registrations current.

 2009. This paper is covered by the Creative Commons “Attribution-No Derivs-NonCommercial” license (see http://creativecommons.org). It may be reproduced in its entirety as long as the Brennan Center for Justice is credited, a link to the Center’s web page is provided, and no change is imposed. The paper may not be reproduced in part or altered in form, or if a fee is charged, without the Center’s permission. Please let the Brennan Center for Justice know if you reprint.

default AWOL Magazine Popular

By In Magazines/Comic books/Zines 970 downloads

AWOL Magazine
To find out how you can get involved with the AWOL Magazine & CD Project, respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also call 1-800-NO-JROTC or contact us at 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. (Archived)

pdf Back-to-school Kit for Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing Popular

By In Toolkits/guides Tagged in back-to-school, counter-recruitment, demilitarization 6690 downloads

Download (pdf, 611 KB)



The Back-to-school Kit for Counter-recruitment and School Demilitarization Organizing is a catalog of basic material useful to educating young people and school personnel about the realities of military enlistment and war. The catalog also includes some information on alternatives to enlistment, as well as items written for organizers seeking to reach out to local schools. All of the material in this catalog was carefully reviewed for relevancy and accuracy as of the January of 2021.  

A task force of knowledgeable organizers did the research. It does not include all of the available literature on  this topic because much of what exists is out of date or is no longer being produced by the original sources.

Consequently, we focused on identifying items that we felt were basic and most useful for effective organizing  and educating. New items may be added to future kits as they become available.


It’s very simple: Read the descriptions in the catalog and then go to the links that are listed to view or download documents that are relevant o your local organizing. In some cases, you will be able to reprint them for local reproduction; or, you will be able to order copies in bulk if they are offered by the original source.

NOTE: If you wish to print the catalog, be sure to choose the landscape setting in your print menu (i.e., horizontal).


The catalog groups items into various subject categories:

  • Counter-recruitment
  • Non-military Career, College and Service Alternatives
  • Gender and the Military
  • Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
  • Privacy  (Opt Out Forms/ ASVAB etc.)
  • Resources for Organizers
  • Contact Information


Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/stopkidsgoingtowar

Revised 09/03/2021

pdf Basic DEP brochure (Archived) Popular

By In Delayed Entry Program 7279 downloads

Basic DEP brochure by Center on Conscience and War

default Before You Enlist Popular

By In Documentaries/Films 8687 downloads

Before You Enlist Cover“Before You Enlist!” provides a rational voice to counter the seductive and often deceptive recruiting practices of the U.S. military. The message is not “don’t enlist” but rather to provide young people and their families a more complete picture of the life-altering consequences of joining the military – especially in wartime.  14 minutes

default Before You Enlist and After You Say No Popular

By In Trainings/Trainers 6844 downloads

Before You Enlist and After You Say No

We asked The Ruckus Society and Training for Change to help us create a training manual to assist the growing counter-recruitment movement. The Ruckus Society has played a lead role in the Not Your Soldier counter-recruitment camps. Their experience, coupled with Training for Change's direct education approach, produced a result that is a pedagogically sound, information-packed series of workshops with a skill-building emphasis. Matt Smucker of the smartMeme collective and Beyond The Choir also contributed by writing the Media and Messaging workshop.

This new training manual contains:

  • Fifty group exercises
  • Eight complete workshops
  • Handouts and support articles

All tools designed with the direct education approach, which uses group exercises that emphasize participants' empowerment and taps their wisdom as much as possible, not a boring lecture-based teaching approach.

For more information about ordering a copy along with the companion DVD, see our publications page (ON SALE for $7.50!).

default Before You Enlist! Popular

By In Video Reports 3941 downloads


Straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the military's marketing efforts. - 2016 revision

pdf Best Practices for ASVAB-CEP Administration A Guide for Professional School Counselors Popular

By In ASVAB 904 downloads

Download (pdf, 329 KB)

ASVAB-CEP Best Practices 2013_FINAL.pdf

Of the many roles you will play in the lives  of your students, career planning is one of the most   important.  The American School Counselor Association  (ASCA) strongly encourages counselors to collaborate  with “administrators, teachers, staff, families and the   community to ensure all students have the opportunity  to design a rigorous and relevant academic and career program.”  One way to guide students in exploring   career possibilities is through aptitude and career assessment testing.

Constitutional Rights and Human Rights Clinics - Best Practices Series


Rutgers University School of Law - 2013

default Body of War Popular

By In Documentaries/Films 6578 downloads

Body of War CoverBody of War, directed by Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue, is a 2007 documentary following Tomas Young, an Iraq War veteran paralyzed from a bullet to the spine, on a physical and emotional journey as he adapts to his new body and begins to question the decision to go to war in Iraq. - Order From AMAZON

pdf Bombs and Budgets: Tools for Reclaiming Communities from Militarism Popular

By In Curricula/Classroom Resources 12303 downloads

Bombs and BudgetsWar Resisters League has put together a workshop for high school students to learn about the all-consuming war machine which dominates our economy. The workshop curriculum uses hands-on techniques, readings and discussions to build student awareness of the issue. Starting with a breakdown of the federal budget, the curriculum goes on to analyze war profiteers who benefit from the continuation of global conflict to the justifications for the occupation and war in Afghanistan. Students can gain a concrete understanding of priorities through exercises like allocating pennies into labeled jars proportional to our annual federal budget.

Also Listen to   Radio Segment with Ali Issa, national field organizer for the War Resister’s League about this curriculum for students.

pdf Boulder Valley School District Opt-Out Form Popular

By In School Board Policies 13324 downloads

pdf Boulder Valley School District Recruiter Access Policy Popular

By In School Board Policies 11247 downloads

Download (pdf, 30 KB)


Image BYEscan Popular

By In Memes 849 downloads

pdf California Military Alternatives Popular

By In Alternatives by State 5988 downloads

Download (pdf, 183 KB)


California military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

default California program Popular

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California ProgramWELCOME to the Central Valley California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) website. The mission of the Central Valley Cal-SOAP is to educate, empower and encourage students and their families to access all opportunities to higher education. Our vision encompasses a strong collaborative effort with our partners to ensure students succeed academically and personally so they will be in a position to take full advantage of all the educational opportunities available to them after high school.

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Camouflaged: Investigating How the U.S. Military Affects You and Your communityCamouflaged: Investigating How the U.S. Military Affects You and Your Community is a tool for educators to help middle and high school-aged students explore the role of the military in their lives and in their communities. Local New York City teachers, led by the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), generated the Camouflaged curriculum with the intent of making it accessible to educators across the country in a variety of settings and curricular areas. NYCoRE believes that it is the role of educators as allies to young people to ensure that students have information from a variety of sources before considering enlisting in the armed forces. At this point in U.S. history, military recruiters have unprecedented access to young people in and out of school through a variety of mediums. This curriculum provides a critical lens to help students navigate recruiters’ messages and to examine the role of the military throughout this country’s history to the present.

Source: NYCore: New York Collective of Radical Educators

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CAMS Promo

This is a promotional video for CAMS,the Coalition Against Militarism In Our School. It is an introduction to who we are and what we do.
Of course anyone can be a part of the Coalition. Just go to the www.militaryfreeschools.org to find out what you can do.

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Download (pdf, 2.02 MB)

CANVA cheatsheet.pdf

CANVA cheatsheet

A CANVA teaching resource by NNOMY intern Selene Rivas. This document in PDF form helps a beginning user familiarize themselves with the basic tools to utilize the CANVA online application to generate social media resources simply and efficiently. The CANVA Cheatsheet also makes recommendations where to get copyright free graphic images to utilize in your social media resources without any legal hassles later on. Also the CANVA Cheatsheet focuses on the free version and creating a beginner level use of the application. Good resource for a beginner.

You can launch the CANVA application HERE.


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Careers in Peacemaking and social changeCareers in Peacemaking and Social Change:
Choosing a Career that Pays in Many Ways
Brochure for high school-age youths:discusses how to make a career choice that is compatible with both income needs and ethical values.

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logoThe Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors supports and promotes individual and collective resistance to war and preparations for war.

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Download (pdf, 20 KB)


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Download (pdf, 1.20 MB)


Child Soldiers International - USA: Shadow Report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child

April 2012 - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a skills and guidance test developed, funded and graded by the US military. It is a necessary requirement when entering the military, but it is also used in 14,000 high schools in the United States.72 It is open to high school juniors and seniors, withthe vast majority of participants being under 18, and with some as young as 15.73 The test is a means of assessing a student's strengths and weaknesses with a view to informing their future career paths, including the appropriateness of a career in the military,74 which in turn advises recruiters which students they should approach.the military also uses the ASVAB to obtain students' personal contact information, including their name, address, phone number and social security details.76 Crucially, unlike the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act parents do not have the ability to opt out and prevent their child's personal information from being released to third parties.77 Therefore, student information that has been withheld by opting out of NCLBcan be released to the military via the ASVAB. Whilst schools have the ability to prevent data from being passed on to the military, information from the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy78 indicates that few school administrators are aware of this.79 Various sources have indicated that children are oftenunaware of the voluntary nature of the test or its links to the military,80 and there have been instances of students being actively informed that the test was mandatory.81 Child Soldiers International contends that US campaign to stop the use of child soldiers, United States of America: Compliance with the Optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child from the US campaign to stop the use of child soldiers, November 2007. (Read more in the report)

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This International Day of Peace, we look at the US military's toxic legacy on our planet. We encourage young people: if you want to help stop climate change, look for careers paths outside the US military. Not only can they be harmful to you and others in direct ways, but the infrastructure that supports war also supports the depletion and outright destruction of many of the world's precious natural resources, and of our futures. If you want to learn more about our work, please visit www.nnomy.org

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Ethan McCord speaks about Collateral Murder in Iraq. Former Army Specialist and hero of Wikileaks video "Colateral Murder" speaks in Los Angeles @ Revolution Books on June 9, 2011. This is the initial talk with projections.

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Download (pdf, 196 KB)


Colorado military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

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Download (pdf, 579 KB)


Competing Messages: Mass Media Effects on RecruitingThis study examines how the mass media’s portrayal of the military, including the war in Iraq, affects U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps recruiting. A telephone survey of households in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas was conducted to measure parents and young adults’ exposure to information about the military in various media sources and how much attention they paid to those sources of information for information about the military.  This study was hampered by a small sample size (N=119) that limits the ability to claim significant findings for several hypotheses. However, the study did uncover a pattern that indicated that greater use of newspapers and entertainment television reduced chances of young adults joining the military, whereas use of movies depicting the military enhanced the likelihood of joining. Also, media use predicted people’s attitudes about the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq.

Jason Bortz, Natalie Granger, Nathaniel Garcia, Brandan W. Schulze, Mark Mackowiak, Victoria Jennings, Jon McMillan, Debbie Allen
University of Oklahoma

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Download (pdf, 7.37 MB)


Confronting Militarism and Military Recruitment in Schools

Confronting Militarism and Military Recruitment in Schools -First Edition -Students for a Democratic Society - Chicago Chapter - Zine in PDF format

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Download (pdf, 179 KB)


Connecticut military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

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Constitutional Topic: The Draft

The Constitutional Topics pages at the USConstitution.net site are presented to delve deeper into topics than can be provided on the Glossary Page or in the FAQ pages. This Topic Page concerns the draft. The draft is seen in the Constitution at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12.

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CRMTen members of the Dutchess Peace Coalition decided to act locally to expose the lies students are told at recruiting centers.

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Download (ppsx, 4.57 MB)


Chicago Counter-recruitment OptionsPower Point Slide show about realities of military enlistment as a counter-recruitment tool. Ready to play without opening Power Point in editing mode.

Source: Veterans for Peace: Chicago-area group

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What you can do to reach and educate students at the individual school level. Tactics discussed include leafleting, career fairs, peace clubs, tabling, speakers’ bureaus, peace camps and other ideas.

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CCAPThe counter-recruiters of CRC  marched in solidarity with a call to action by supporters of Lt. Watada, the first officer in the military to refuse to fight in an illegal war (now occupation) of Iraq.

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Download (pdf, 1.02 MB)


Counter-recruitment: Inside Out

Counter-recruitment Inside Out, is a compilation of articles authored during the last 12 years by activists and researchers, offering an analysis of counter-recruitment practices. It also seeks strategies for improving its effectiveness in persuading the youth to take a harder look at military enlistment, and to develop a more informed view of the motivations behind their government's wars. With the advent of militarized gaming and the increase of movie and television militainment influencing young minds and legitimizing state violence, counter-recruiters need to develop more nuanced methods of directing young people towards alternatives to militarization.

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Download (pdf, 8.52 MB)


Countering Military Recruitment: Learning the lessons of counter-recruitment campaigns internationally

WRI's booklet, Countering Military Recruitment: Learning the lessons of counter-recruitment campaigns internationally, is out now. The booklet includes examples of campaigning against youth militarisation across different countries with the contribution of grassroot activists.

You can order a paperback version here (link is external).

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Download (docx, 574 KB)

Covid and Militarism.docx

Covid and Militarism

It’s widely recognized that the Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly affects the economy and, as a result, also negatively affects healthcare, education, and culture. However, in the face of hard times like the ones we’ve experienced this year, national priorities are oriented through the policies implemented by political leaders.

document Covid y Militarismo Popular

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Download (docx, 910 KB)

Covid y Militarismo.docx

Covid y Militarismo

Si bien se reconoce que la pandemia afecta indudablemente la economía y como a partir de ella sectores como la salud, la educación, la cultura, también cobran algún impacto desfavorable, son las decisiones políticas de sus dirigentes las que orientan las prioridades de un país frente a  situaciones tan adversas como las que se viven en la actualidad.

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Download (pdf, 229 KB)

TSJ UbD Unit 8 09-10.pdf

USSUP“What Young People Should Know Before Joining the Military” is a unit designed for a 10th grade US History class. The historical component revolves around imperialism and the Spanish-American War. A contemporary connection is made through a look at imperialism and the Iraq War. The final project for the unit consists of group presentations on what CPS students should know about the military before they consider joining. The presentations were videotaped and then edited and compiled to make a 15-minute video that was posted on YouTube.


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Because of the on-going military offensives in different parts of the world, the different branches of the US Military have is mounting an equally aggressive campaign to get young people to enlist. Recruiters in schools and college campuses leverage the benefits that the US military could provide to young people as a way to convince them to sign an eight year contract that could have potentially damaging and deadly consequences. Counter-Recruitment projects like Project YANO (Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities) attempts to make these consequences clear to young people, and to dispel many of the myths and half-truths recruiters often tell potential enlistees. The goal of counter-recruitment is not to force young people away from military careers, but instead to provide them with a clearer picture of what they will actually entail. http://projectyano.org/
For more information, visit http://www.nnomy.org http://www.beforeyouenlist.org http://www.winningthepeace.org ------------- Magic [LoFi Beat/Chill] by Le Gang https://soundcloud.com/thisislegang Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/magic-lofi-beatchill Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Xauzy1dUx_s

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Download (pdf, 181 KB)


Delaware military alternatives such as: money for college, job training/skills, direction in life, discipline, to be part of a team, travel, to serve their country, to get out of trouble with the law, physical training, even citizenship.

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DEPHistory. This UPDATE printing publishes a revised regulation which is effective 15 August 2002. Summary. This regulation prescribes policies and procedures for the management of HQ USAREC DEP and DTP enlistees from the time of enlistment into the DEP or DTP until the member accesses into the RA or enters IADT. It provides standardization of DEP and DTP followup, DEP and DTP briefings, and policy for DEP and DTP functions. Efficient, more responsive DEP and DTP management will assist in achieving mission accomplishment and precluding and/or reducing DEP and DTP losses caused by recruiter-influenced factors. It also provides a source of suggested methods and ideas for improving DEP and DTP retention - USAREC Regulation 601-95; 8/15/02

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Download (pdf, 17 KB)


pdf Delayed Entry Program/Future Soldiers Training Program Fact Sheet Popular

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Download (pdf, 440 KB)


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FOR Life & LandThe Fellowship of Reconciliation pursues a vision of a free and “demilitarized” world in which the Earth’s resources sustain life and promote the well-being of all people.

To do so, we challenge economic exploitation, work to eradicate racism and religious intolerance, and call attention to imperialistic U.S. foreign policy. As we continue to speak truth to power, FOR engages in an ongoing interfaith dialogue to shift the collective unconscious from a fear-based military culture to a peaceful world community grounded in faith and nonviolent justice.

At the start of 2011, we launched a series of projects, campaigns, and collaborations to demilitarize life and land in the Americas and the Middle East.

pdf Department of Defense Student Testing Program (Archived) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-59; 7/31/96

default Deploying Art Against War

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Deploying Art Against War

Artists and peace advocates are using public art to oppose violence, notably in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. The results have varied, advocates say, but the art campaigns have worked to undermine extremists’ calls to violence, and helped communities heal the divisions of war. They have ignited public discussion of local conflicts and even triggered peacebuilding efforts. Art campaigners and peace advocates who have worked across the Middle East and South Asia discussed the uses—and the limits—of public art as a peacebuilding tool, in a recent forum at USIP.

pdf Despojando a nuestra juventud de la máquina de guerra: una guía para contrarrestar y resistir la militarización de la juventud Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.58 MB)


Despojando a nuestra juventud de la máquina de guerra: una guía para contrarrestar y resistir la militarización de la juventud

En cooperación con la campaña Desinversión de la máquina de guerra de Codepink, The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth contribuye con esta guía para desmilitarizar nuestras escuelas del alcance de una disposición de la Ley de éxito de todos los niños que permite el acceso sin restricciones a reclutadores militares en nuestras escuelas . Esta guía instruye a los activistas sobre cómo presionar a los distritos escolares para que sigan las pautas de igualdad de acceso y para organizar comunidades, padres, maestros y estudiantes para limitar el acceso de los reclutadores a sus escuelas.

Gran parte del contenido de esta Guía de campaña de desinversión se toma prestada con el permiso de la Red Nacional de Oposición a la Militarización de la Juventud (NNOMY), la Coalición Nacional para Proteger la Privacidad de los Estudiantes, Dejar de Reclutar Niños y Guardar la Educación Civil. Les estamos extremadamente agradecidos por contribuir con su visión y experiencia a este movimiento. Para obtener más información sobre el trabajo de NNOMY, visite http://nnomy.org/index.php/en/. Para proteger el trabajo de la privacidad del estudiante, visite http://www.studentprivacy.org/. Para obtener más información sobre Stop Recruiting Kids, visite: http://srkcampaign.org/. Para obtener más información sobre el trabajo de Save Civilian Education, visite http://savecivilianeducation.org/.

pdf Dictionary of Terms and Authorized Acronyms (old, but still useful) (Archived) Popular

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Dictionary of termsSummary. This pamphlet provides standard definitions, terminology, and authorized acronyms for use within the United States Army Recruiting Command.

This UPDATE pr int ing publ ishes a revised USAREC pamphlet. Because of the extensive changes made, no attempt has been made to highlight changes from previous edition. - USAREC Pamphlet 25-31; 5/6/96 - pdf

document Discussion guide to Purple Hearts DVD Popular

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Download (doc, 33 KB)


Purple Hearts CoverPhoto-journalist Nina Berman had the urge to find the wounded returned vets she was reading about in the newspaper, but not seeing pictures of. She discovered that her mental picture of a wounded soldier was one of a soldier being helped off the field by other soldiers, or being accompanied and tended to by a dr. or nurse -- leading to the feeling that the soldier was going to be all right, everything was OK.

What she found instead were acutely lonely men & women fighting the VA for benefits. She interviewed them and recorded the interviews as well as photographing them, and made a 10-minute dvd out of this material, featuring 6 of the 20 vets in the book.

Slide Show on Purple Hearts Project / NY Times

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