We Are Not Your Soldiers

Address : 305 West Broadway #185
City: New York
Zipcode: 10013
Phone: (646) 807-3259
Organizational Website : wearenotyoursoldiers.org
Scope of organization:
  • National
This organization is a:
  • Counter-recruitment Organization
Organization base:
  • Student and nonstudent community based
  • Virtual online community based
Outreach to specific communities:
  • Latino/a
Issues you are working on:
  • College ROTC
  • Conscientious objection
  • Developing Curricula/Educational Materials
  • Equal school access for counter-recruitment
  • General counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment youth education
  • High school JROTC
  • Limiting recruiter access to schools
  • NCLB recruiting list opt-out
  • Providing counter-recruitment organizer training
Years in Operation: 11-20 years
Summary describing your organization:: Most schools around the country are struggling with fewer teachers and reduced resources to try to meet the critical needs of their students. But one thing is not in short supply. That's the military recruiters who stalk the hallways of far too many urban and rural public high schools and community colleges. We Are Not Your Soldiers is an initiative of World Can't Wait that brings anti-war veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars together with activists to talk about the reality of these wars in classrooms and to counter the dangerous deceptions served up by recruiters. This is truly a life-changing experience for many young people who are encouraged to ask their most difficult questions of young women and men who just a few years ago were students like them, considering what to do with their lives and are now committed to ending the wars they saw first hand. We have visited schools in New York City, Connecticut, rural Maine, Chicago, the Bay area and Washington state. We want to expand the We Are Not Your Soldiers project and reach out to more schools and more students and young people. The need is just as great as ever; the wars have not ended. We work with teachers and youth leaders to tailor the presentation to your needs. Please contact us and we'll put your school on the calendar.
Contact Person: National Office Staff
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