Truth in Recruiting (TIR)

Address : 458 Blair Boulevard
City: Eugene
Zipcode: 97402
Phone: (541) 485-1755
Organizational Website : Truth in Recruiting (TIR)
Organizational Blog: News
Scope of organization:
  • Local
This organization is a:
  • Counter-recruitment Organization
  • Counter-recruitment project of a larger, multi-issue organization
  • Offers Truth in Recruitment Information
  • Does School Demilitarization Activism
Organization base:
  • Church community based
  • Veteran or military family based
Issues you are working on:
  • General counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment youth education
Years in Operation: 6-10 years
Summary describing your organization:: Truth In Recruiting (TIR), a joint project of Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) and the Eugene Chapter of Veterans for Peace, aims to expose and oppose the militarization of youth by countering the misinformation that military recruiters share and to promote alternatives to military service. We have a presence in every public high school in Lane County (and most of the alternative high schools as well). We do one-on-one outreach to students, have brochures in Spanish & English in the career offices, and we educate school staff to make sure they have some basic understandings about recruiting abuses & misinformation. In all school districts, we work to get policies and procedures about military recruiter access to students limited only to the level specified in law. TIR makes particular efforts to reach Latinos, immigrants, and those who are low-income or from rural areas, as they are especially targeted by military recruiters. Truth in Recruiting also offers annual Peace Scholarships, which are our tangible commitment to offering youth an alternative to enlisting in the military in order to pay for college. We hope these scholarships will be an incentive for students to think about a non-military career path.
Contact Person: Carol Van Houten
How many paid staff do CR work?: 1
How many of them are full-time?: None
Approximate number of volunteers: 6
Approximate number of members: 3
Approximate annual budget: $3,500
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