NC Choices for Youth

City: Carrboro
Zipcode: 27705
Phone: 919-225-7015
Organizational Website :
Scope of organization:
  • Local
This organization is a:
  • Organization with Counter-recruitment as a major component
Organization base:
  • Nonstudent community based
Outreach to specific communities:
  • African American
Issues you are working on:
  • Alternatives to the military
  • ASVAB testing in schools
  • Conscientious objection
  • Equal school access for counter-recruitment
  • General counter-recruitment/Truth in Recruitment youth education
Summary describing your organization:: Materials now posted on Quaker House website to avoid cost of maintaining a website. Curriculum on conscientious objection for youth is in the process of being completed.
Contact Person: Pam Schwingel, Curt Torell, Hank Elkins
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