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Peace Pill

Peace Pill Videos celebrate those individuals and movements that struggle for peace, past and present, and educate us on a history that is intentionally left out of the official narrative about war and peace.

Because NNOMY recognizes that war and violence is a cultural illness, we feel the medicine to fight this disease is a Peace Pill.


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default 4 Steps to Liberation: Paulo Freire and Pedagogy of the Oppressed (66 downloads)
default Climate Action for Peace - International Day of Peace (632 downloads) Popular
default DEBUNKING RECRUITMENT MYTHS: Project YANO (71 downloads)
default Gender and Militarism: Women at the Hague (70 downloads)
default Hiroshima and the Blameless Victims of War: Sadako Sasaki (632 downloads) Popular
default Inner and Outer Peace - Thich Nhat Hanh (646 downloads) Popular
default International Youth Day - Betty Reardon (662 downloads) Popular
default Martin Luther King's Legacy - Peace Pill (90 downloads)
default Opt out of war!: Granny Peace Brigade (640 downloads) Popular
default Peace Mom: Cindy Sheehan (70 downloads)
default Sarojini Naidu: Colonialism and Militarization (59 downloads)
default The United States at War - Jane Addams (639 downloads) Popular
default War Photography: A Tool for Peace (588 downloads) Popular
default What do Game of Thrones and boxing have in common? (597 downloads) Popular
default White Supremacy and Apartheid: Contextualizing Mandela (621 downloads) Popular