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Interviews and audio essays on CR issues and military recruitment.


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audio Audio from May 14th War Resisters event in Watsonville (5675 downloads) Popular
audio LAUSD Moves to Protect Student Information (7505 downloads) Popular
default Making Contact - The New Face of Military Recruiting (5362 downloads) Popular Download
audio NNOMY Communications Staff Person talks about NNOMY on KZFR (103 downloads) Popular
audio Pat Elder - National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (7241 downloads) Popular
audio Rockin' the Boat: UCSC Counter-recruitment protest (5679 downloads) Popular
audio Silicon Valley De-Bug Interviews Dave Ledesma (5596 downloads) Popular
audio Student Against the War Counter-recruitment Protest Santa Cruz (5686 downloads) Popular
audio Talk Nation Radio: 3-Hour Military Test Secretly Administered in Thousands of High Schools (5383 downloads) Popular
audio The new urban militarism of local law enforcement in Western society (5466 downloads) Popular
audio US pressed on military exam for high school students (4692 downloads) Popular
audio Why We Say: Bring the Troops Home Now UPDATED (150.52 Kbytes) hot! (8333 downloads) Popular


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