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Military Recruiters and Programs Target marginalized communities for recruits...
..and the high schools in those same communities

 Militarization of our Schools

The Pentagon is taking over our poorer public schools. This is the reality for disadvantaged youth.


What we can do

Corporate/conservative alliances threaten Democracy . Progressives have an important role to play.

 Why does NNOMY matter?

Most are blind or indifferent to the problem.
A few strive to protect our democracy.

Recruiting on College Campuses

College Counter Recruiting

Doing counter recruitment on a college campus is much different than in high schools.  There is a different law governing the military’s supposed “right” to be there.  The Solomon Amendment provides for the Secretary of Defense to deny federal funding to institutions of higher learning if they prohibit or prevent ROTC or military recruitment on campus.  Most students trying to kick recruiters off college campuses are doing so because they don’t want them there and don’t feel they have a right as opposed to high schools where recruiters are actually getting young people to enlist.

The loophole, kindof…

Most universities and colleges have policies stating that organizations that discriminate are not allowed on their campuses.  This argument has been used against the military because of their “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy, which excludes individuals who openly identify as LGBTQ from serving in the military.  For more info on the Solomon Amendment, the court case and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” go to:

High school students (over college students) are the ones being heavily targeted (and successfully recruited) by the military, therefore we recommend that college students work with and support high school students doing counter recruitment in their area.  One thing college students can do is to provide workshops for high school students on how to choose/get into college, getting financial aid, what college life is like, etc.  Also since universities have funding to bring in speakers, students can host an Iraq Veterans Against the War member to speak on campus and in high schools.


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