School to Prison Pipeline: Military Influence in Schools

Rebecca Perez -

During a Mission: Readiness press event in San Diego on the importance of physical fitness for national security, U.S. Marines led students in various physical activity demonstrations to emphasize how the school is meeting state PE requirements.This segment in my series of the School to Prison Pipeline is on the influence that the military has on our school systems.

During my research I have found that there are actually two known military generals that have actually been superintendents of our schools. The first is former General Anthony J. Tata, who was the superintendent of Wake County, NC and the second is Major General John Stanford who was superintendent of Seattle.

But why has our education become so careless, thoughtless, and meaningless that we are able to use the MBA mentality. (MBA mentality: where the skills of management are so generic that one can seamlessly transition from one type of organization to another. Such as here; from militia to education.)