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A Campaign to form community in schools of Peace minded people

What does "peace" mean for NNOMY?

Peace is not merely the absence of war or armed conflicts. It is instead the possibility of living in a society in which we can all develop to the full extent of our abilities, and in which social justice ensures our collective well-being.

Why "My Education for Peace"?

Our current model of education, in ways that are equally apparent and subliminal, fosters the need for competition, individualism, and power, all of which serve as justifications for war. At NNOMY, we firmly believe that our peace effort begins through education: learning and teaching cooperation, solidarity, and tolerance. Only by creating an environment in which respect for the other and their differences becomes paramount can we surpass our culture's militaristic bent. "My Education for Peace" is a project that seeks to promote the discussion and dissemination of topics related to peace, war, and the consequences of militarism in society, as well as encourage peace-building within our schools. For NNOMY, it is of vital importance that we bring informational resources to students that can allow them to see the full width of peaceful career choices at their disposal. This is done through the Peaceful Careers directory.

What does it mean to be a Student for Peace?

A Student for Peace is one who hopes to widen the possibilities for their future through education, and wishes to counter war and school militarization through activism. One of NNOMY's key goals is to get students to participate in different activities that foster cooperation, solidarity, and the exchange of ideas, hoping to achieve peaceful coexistence in schools and communities.



What does it mean to be a Teacher for Peace?

A Teacher for Peace is one who seeks to instill the importance of cooperation, respect for the other, and peaceful coexistence in their students, thus making it possible for them to have the tools necessary for choosing to build a future away from war and weapons. At NNOMY, we firmly believe that teachers are very influential figures in their students' lives. Because of that, we hope to form alliances that allow us all to build a peaceful society from within our classrooms.

What does it mean to be a Counselor for Peace?

A Counselor for Peace is first and foremost an ally for students who sees properly informing students regarding the risks involved in military careers as a priority. It is also important that they point students towards future paths properly suited to their abilities, situation, and possibilities, that way offering them a sincere evaluation of their professional options.


What is Militarism?

We understand militarism as the imposition of values and dynamics inherent in military structures upon civil society, as well as their influence on state policy. It is a process that promotes hierarchy, as well as the use (and abuse) of power. Its propagation can use many compelling arguments, among them the need to instill military values on civilian society. Militarism carries with it consequences such as the loss of civil rights and the prioritization of expenditure on military projects over social ones, which hastens the deterioration of social services.

Why do we reject school militarization?

Through youth militarization and recruitment, the culture of war and violence is fostered in our schools; children and young people deserve a peaceful future, in which their options amount to much more than surviving armed conflicts that are fought for the economic interests of the few. We want to work towards a world free from war, which we believe possible if our efforts stem from peace education.

What is the Peace Pill?

"Peace Pill" is an audiovisual project in which we use short, four-minute videos to highlight events and people related to peaceful activism against war, as well as those in favor of human rights and social justice. War is seen as a social illness, and a consequence of militarism in our society, so we hope that our "Peace Pills" can be a form of medicine to raise awareness of and stimulate interest in activism. "Peace Pill" is an informational tool we are using to build our Education for Peace.

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Download this page as a PDF for printing and distribution inside your school to inform students teachers and counselors about this national project. Also consider sharing My Education for Peace with the Student Peace Clubs in your school.

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